Is this YOUR Back-up & Disaster Recovery Plan?

BDR - What is a BDR Anyway?

BDR is an acronym (don’t we LOVE acronyms?) for Backup and Disaster Recovery. With all of the recent gains in Internet Speeds – Business Data Recovery has become an indispensible tool for businesses to preserve and protect their priceless business data.
In the not too distant past, Tapes were the backup and recovery tool of choice. They could store a LOT of data, they were relatively cheap, and a copy of the data could be kept off of the business premises. The down side was when they were needed for recovery, the #@%$ things usually had some kind of error that resulted in a success rate of less than 20% (no misprint). Inexpensive USB hard disks then came into preference. Again LOTS of data but they were usually kept on premises. If a fire/disaster struck or the office was broken into, the data gone with the drive– usually destroyed or in a readable form in the hands of who knows who.
Now with these high speed internet connections comes new Business Data Recovery options. BDR is now a plan, rather than a particular box or service. Unfortunately it can also be confusing with a number of choices that need to be made. The key factors in putting together a BDR plan are:
    • Budget (of course). Knowing how much you can afford will greatly figure in the choice.
    • How much data do you have and what kind? Find out how much is critical data (customer data, accounting data, HR or Operations, etc.What kind of data is it? Documents, databases, webfiles? How much is Program Files or Operating System files – these files could be recovered from original CD’s or re-downloaded. 
    • How quickly do you need to be “back up and running”? The costs can really come into play here. The cost for a BDR plan that will be back up in a day or so will be significantly higher than one that will be back up in a week or so.
The BDR solutions vary widely in cost, ranging for backing up a PC over the internet (no external drives, no servers, data is restored back over the internet – to hybrid solutions that back up a complete network on a local (on premises) appliance, and send the critical data over the internet to a secure location. In the event of a disaster or other need for all of the critical data back, a copy is made at the secure location and sent onsite by courier or FedEx. These solutions can run as low as $100/month to $1000’s/month depending on how much data is being managed.
To determine the best choices, we can help. We have options available and will be able to identify the one that best fits your need and your budget. We start by asking questions and most importantly, find the right solution so that you know the data will be there when you need it.

If you don’t have a BDR plan in place, we urge you to make it a top priority for your business. It can literally be a life or death matter for the security and health of your business.